Interesting site- I left a couple posts. No one has a clue what I’m talking about- usually. My fathers father was born before Abraham Lincoln ran for office the first time= the same year Theodore Roosevelt was born. My father was born the same year Teddy became President of the U.S. fleeing here in 28 but went on a visit in 33 with my mother who also immigrated from there. One of the books I’m working on is his lifes story. He was strictly anti-commie bigtime his whole life~!


Ted Cruz warns of ‘liberal fascism’

Here’s the deal People!!!
Just as a private mom and pop business[bakery]was fined and run out of business and now a locally elected official[county clerk] illegally jailed for doing her job she was put in office for[as was her mother].
Do you good- “sleeping/silent+ moral-majority” somehow think you’re going to escape the same judgement when you complain about your children+ grandchildren being indoctrinated with the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle starting in “Head-start+Kindergarten thru highschool + ALL higher learning as well as professional trades???
No, you’ll find yourselves fined and arrested[w/no bail] to then find them removed from your home and placed in foster care w/same sex people just to prove a point and ramp your faces into the the toilet that needs to be flushed now; while it is possible humanely,

This all has only come about for the “Sleeping-Giant”, the “Silent-Majority” and the “moral-Majority’s” silence in the 100-yrs march of socialism’s ground-game and Godless march right over OUR three-Founding documents- The Declaration/Constitution and overarching Bill of RIGHTS…..So who’s fault is it?
The top preacher in Americas 2nd Great Awakening in the 1800’s Charles Finney[Google him] stated- “If OUR politics becomes so corrupt that the very foundations of OUR government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.”
During the early years of the great Finney a 3rd person foreign arbitrary journalist Alex de Tocqueville came to America to understand her greatness. He searched everywhere for the source of “her-greatness”. But didn’t find it until he went to her churches, there he found it in the “hot pulpits” in every community.
Then stated that “America is great because America is good, if America ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great!”
Times runnin’ out for the true majority to stand. They came out of the woodwork for Reagan twice, taking 49 states his second election.
Not that many people have died, they’re still out there and their children they raised in Reagan voting households that now vote too.

IF it takes Trump to “lineback” Cruz the quarterback in, even as VP for a 16-yr run that’s fine only WE must take both sides of the Legislative branch as well as the Executive. Then not rest on OUR laurels but clean house starting with 1/2 SCOTUS being impeached swiftly. Then 1/2 the crooked agencies and bureaucrats ~!